Cantey Hanger Attorney to Speak at Structural Engineers Association State Conference

Attorney Andy Keetch presents on “What You Say (and Don’t Say) Can and Will be Held Against You.”  This presentation discusses how what is “said” or “not said” in contracts and emails by design professionals can protect them or leave them open to risk, with real-life examples of (first) contract scope language and (second) emails that were determining factors in significant legal disputes. The discussion will cover the most important things you never knew about design contracts and liability.

Recognized across the state as a “must attend” event for professional structural engineers, the conference will be held at the Norris Conference Center in Downtown Fort Worth. Mr. Keetch leads the Cantey Hanger Construction Law practice group. He graduated from  Texas Tech University School of Law in 1995. Mr. Keetch has significant experience in litigation involving engineering and design professionals, construction litigation, professional liability, insurance litigation, medical malpractice defense, multi-district and complex litigation, and general commercial litigation (Deceptive Trade Practices, contract disputes, real estate disputes and enforcement of judgments).  His construction practice also includes drafting and negotiating construction contracts on projects of all sizes.