Brian Newby to lead Meritas’ Black Lawyers Forum

FORT WORTH, TX. – Brian Newby, Managing Partner at Cantey Hanger LLP, has been selected Chairman of the Black Lawyers Forum of Meritas, an alliance of leading independent law firms that provide clients access to top-tier legal expertise throughout the world.

Each member law firm holds itself to Meritas’ highest standard of service and participates in continuing re-certifications.

“I am excited to lead this new initiative among our Meritas firms,” Newby said. “Each of our firms has struggled with ways to address inclusiveness and improve racial equity in our legal communities.

“What better way to begin than to convene with the bright minds, enthusiasm and business acumen of our Meritas Black lawyers to share best practices in professional development and create stronger connections for future business development.”

As part of its organizational commitment to diversity and inclusion, Meritas said the “exciting and groundbreaking initiative” will further Meritas’ commitment to racial equality by providing Black lawyers with greater visibility and opportunities within the organization, along with a vehicle to share best practices with member firms. All of Meritas’ Black lawyers worldwide have been encouraged to be part of the Forum.

Meritas described the Forum’s mission as facilitating “connections and mentorship, but also provide a platform for our Black lawyers to discuss unique issues and experiences related to professional development and business development.” According to Meritas, members of the Forum will connect through regularly scheduled meetings and events, and informally through a dedicated Meritas online community. “We believe the Forum will create business development opportunities for Forum members and their firms, and enhance the ability of member firms to hire and retain Black and other diverse lawyers.”