With over three decades of extensive involvement in the aviation field, Cantey Hanger’s Aviation practice group provides comprehensive litigation, business and regulatory representation to our aviation clients.  Aviation poses industry participants with some of the greatest legal challenges—highly complex regulations, fierce competition, and significant litigation exposure.  To operate successfully in this arena, clients need attorneys with industry-specific knowledge of aviation law and industry standards.

Cantey Hanger’s Aviation practice group has experience representing products manufacturers, training organizations, maintenance and overhaul facilities, air carriers and general aviation clients in company critical litigation, including wrongful death, personal injury, products liability, warranty and product recalls as well as aircraft property damage and airport facilities claims. Several of these cases involve federal multidistrict litigation, Government/Military contracts, statutory and contractual indemnity issues, pre-emption issues, insurance coverage issues and the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA).

Aviation-related legal claims can be especially complex, often involving catastrophic losses, technical investigations, numerous governmental authorities, and significant liabilities. Cantey Hanger’s Aviation practice group has tried many aviation cases to verdict. Our clients have the benefit that our attorneys’ strategic advice is based on an accurate understanding of how facts and arguments are likely to be perceived at trial regardless of how they may look at mediation or pre-trial.

Cantey Hanger’s Aviation practice group also has experience in matters affecting aircraft-related business activities and transactions including having represented parties in aircraft and engine purchases, sales, financings, and operating leases.

Cantey Hanger’s clients include:

  • Airframe, engine and component part manufacturers
  • Flight schools and aviation training providers
  • Aviation maintenance and overhaul facilities
  • Corporate flight departments, air taxi and air charter operators
  • Major and regional airlines
  • Private aircraft owners and pilots