When Judges and juries make erroneous decisions, our clients can turn to seasoned, experienced appellate lawyers whose job it is to make sure the law is correctly applied in resolution of their disputes. When a trial results in a vindication of our client’s position, those same lawyers work to preserve that result.

But the job doesn’t start there. Our appellate practitioners also work closely with our litigation attorneys before and during trials to assure that issues that will have implications before appellate courts are developed and presented to trial courts so that they may be reviewed if necessary. We are also engaged to work with other firms who have had results in trial courts that need to be preserved or corrected.

Appellate lawyers are generalists. Our Appellate Group consists of lawyers who have spent years representing clients before Courts of Appeal in all of Texas’ Appellate districts, Texas Supreme Court, and in Federal Appellate Courts across the United States. They have worked on state and federal legal issues of all kinds.

Regardless of the Court or the need, Cantey Hanger’s accomplished appellate attorneys can bring years of experience to any appeal.