Architects, engineers, contractors, owners and government entities need tested experience when legal issues arise in relation to complex construction projects.

For decades, Cantey Hanger attorneys have made it their business to know the construction industry.

An ounce of prevention in the construction industry is often worth metric tons of cure. Preliminary contract analysis and negotiation, from any side of a construction project, can govern expensive future disputes. Cantey Hanger attorneys focus in on critical contract language for their clients and help them manage risks in advance.

When disputes do arise, the members of Cantey Hanger’s Construction Litigation Practice Group are seasoned by years of experience, not only in the courtroom, but also in the field and work aggressively with clients to resolve the disputes.

If the dispute rises to litigation, arbitration or even hearings before government panels, Cantey Hanger attorneys work closely with clients in pursuit of success.

Firm clients include contractors, engineers, architects, consultants, surveyors, program managers, owners, developers and governments.

The litigation practice group has experience in major construction projects down to home remodeling disputes.

Cantey Hanger attorneys are experienced in a wide array of disputes, including:

  • Civil engineering
  • Contract disputes
  • Alleged professional negligence
  • Drainage
  • Structural engineering
  • Architecture and design
  • Construction site injuries and safety
  • Employment, agency
  • Surveying
  • Public development
  • Commercial development
  • Residential development
  • Residential construction
  • Liens

Cantey Hanger attorneys work to stay abreast of legal developments in the construction arena and are frequent authors and speakers on construction and design related topics.

Attorneys that practice in our Construction Law Section: